NYX Butter Gloss Review

NYX Butter Gloss Review

NYX Butter Gloss is what I want to introduce today!

Soft and silky as butter, our delicious new butter lip gloss tastes as sweet as sugar cookies and makes your lips look very sweet. Apply it alone or on your favorite lipstick to get creamy to medium coverage, melt on your lips and never sticky. The texture of butter gloss is very creamy and buttery, even after the gloss disappears, the moisturizing effect it provides to the lips is still there.

It has a sweet vanilla scent, which is very tempting. You will want to lick your lips, but the smell will not be overwhelming or long lasting, so it will not disturb sensitive noses. It is less than bright tones. It stayed on me for about 2 hours, but if used on nu*e lipstick, it will last longer.

Because Butter Gloss is a lip gloss (as opposed to liquid lipstick), its formula has natural moisturizing properties from the beginning. Butter Gloss is a formula sold with sheer to medium coverage. Although some shades are more vivid than others, most are pure. However, the beauty of this product is that it pairs perfectly with lip liners, lipsticks or matte liquid lipsticks without feathering or clumping.

This lip gloss is a return to the era of pure gloss lips that we all dream of now. I hope you can try!




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