NYX Epic Ink Liner Review

NYX Epic Ink Liner Review

NYX Epic Ink Liner has no problem sliding on the skin. You can create precise thin lines or apply more pressure to them and get thicker lines. It dries quite fast, and once opened, it will not move at all. I can wear this in the hot summer, when my eyelids are greasy, without any primer, and it doesn’t move at all. It feels nothing on the skin and is waterproof.

It comes in plastic black packaging. The brush applicator is pointed and can glide well on the skin. It hasn’t worn out yet, but you have to be careful how you wear a hat because I have ruined a piece of hair.

Thanks to its flexible precision tip, it can easily slide over my trembling eyelash line, even my unstable hand cannot make it deviate too far from the curve of my eyelid. In fact, since it went so smoothly, I felt adventurous enough to try to draw a wing on each eye-this is not often done when I draw eyeliner. In fact, I did this and it seems that I don’t have dark circles under my eyes. This is a victory.

It is a liquid formula in the form of a brush. Tip is always saturated (but always store it upside down), you don’t need to cross the line. Swipe to get enough color. Its pigment is very good. It will not overflow into fine lines.

Finally, I very much hope that you can try this one! It will not disappoint you!

The finish is matte, but as with any pen liquid liner it is not as powdery and matte as some liquid liners.




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