NYX Retractable Eye Liner Review

NYX Retractable Eye Liner Review

The packaging is well thought out because it can be retracted and retracted easily without any hassle. It helps to save sharpening time and a lot of confusion. In addition, it also helps to save a lot of product, so as not to be wasted due to sharpening. I started with a pencil liner, but since I was introduced to NYX’s retractable eyeliner, things have never been the same.

Raise your appearance to a whole new level of beauty by emphasizing your eyes! The creamy texture of our retractable eye pencil provides intense pigmentation while moisturizing. The formula is known for its lasting power. Brighten your eyes with a variety of 18 attractive eyeshadows.

The eyeliner from this NYX stretch line has no pigmentation and is undoubtedly excellent in terms of color and texture. It works smoothly and does not pull my eyelids. It may get dirty during the first 5 seconds for a soft or sexy look. Once dry, it will not bleed or stain.

It slides smoothly when proofing, but it is impossible to draw a neat line on the eye at a time, you need a few strokes to draw it well. But once it is set, it will stay for the whole day and it will not stain. The pigmentation is great. It is waterproof. It is such a beautiful color that instantly brightens up the face when applied. The outer case is in the color of eyeliner and is easy to find. Since it is a retractable pencil, it is easy to use and carry without the hassle of sharpening.

I highly recommend it to you!




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