NYX Total Control Pro Drop Foundation Review

NYX Total Control Pro Drop Foundation Review

Before I begin to review this foundation, I must rant about my efforts to find a foundation that suits me. Since I started makeup (about 5 years ago), I have not been able to find a foundation that perfectly matches me.

The foundation is packed in a small frosted glass bottle, it is difficult to distinguish the true color, but considering that it is an affordable “drugstore” foundation, it gives a luxurious feeling. It is dispensed from a straw/dropper, which reminds me strongly of Smashbox BBWater foundation; it is best to use it directly on the face, even if it is a little messy.

However, the coverage area is indeed “buildable”; I have tried dripping it on the Total Control foundation brush, but the very liquid formula feels absorbed by thick hair, so I prefer to move it directly onto my face. Then use the Total Control brush to polish, and then use the beauty blender to achieve minimal product loss and better finish. Of course, you can also use a silicone sponge applicator to reduce loss, but it may be easier and faster to apply directly on the face.

It is available in a variety of shades, providing a soft matte effect and transparent to full coverage. The company also provides a dropper for picking this velvety matte formula and applying it directly on your skin.

The foundation uses a black card box with few product details. This foundation comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. NYX Total Control Drop foundation only contains 13 ml of product-very expensive for drugstore foundations. Shake the card box directly before use. The consistency of the foundation is very watery. When I opened it, I accidentally spilled a lot of products on my clothes! The foundation is thin in texture, but easy to apply, allowing time for proper mixing. It blends well without streaks or patches.

I think you have to give it a try!




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